The Cool Club: Sarah Lawrence by kat giarratano

photos by Abigail Green

This is Sarah. The coolest cool girl in the midwest. Sarah Lawrence is the mastermind behind the blog, Sarah, Say Something. In my opinion, Sarah is living the dream. She shares with her audience, on a weekly basis, all about the places & things that she loves, all while living in beautiful Colorado. I must caution you before you take a peak at her blog or Instagram, because you just might end up packing up your bags, hitch hiking to Denver, & knocking on Sarah's door to bunk up with her, her husband, & adorable (Insta-famous) dog, Aspen.

I have had a blast getting to know Sarah through the past few weeks, & have to share with you guys! Enjoy!

City: Denver, Colorado 

Occupation:Floral designer, lifestyle blogger 

Currently listening to: Well when I'm not listening to Taylor Swift :) I am listening to Penny and Sparrow, Gregory Allan Isakov, and The Lone Bellow. 

Currently Watching: I'm not watching anything right now but everyday while I'm getting ready or cooking you can almost guarantee that I'll either have on You've Got Mail, While You Were Sleeping, Dan in Real Life, or Sleepless in Seattle. Im a sucker for feel good movies!

Currently Reading: Im currently reading The Meaning of Marriage, and Keep it Simple. The meaning of marriage is pretty self explanatory and keep it simple is a home design book. I am loving them both! 

Currently eating: My favorite food right now is Itilian. I can't get enough homemade pastas. Also im a huge sucker for anything sweet at any time of the day!

Describe your perfect day: My idea of a perfect day would start with me sleeping in on a fall morning, waking up to a fire in the fireplace and some coffee and a delicious breakfast (the best meal of the day in my opinion), then I would go to the spa for a few hours just to relax and read a home interior book. Once I was done with that I would go home and prepare for a dinner at our house with all of our friends and there would be no limitations as to what I could cook or how I could decorate. There would be lots of linens and florals and twinkle lights everywhere! The night would end with a warm cup of tea and a feel good movie! 

Describe your morning routine: My morning routine isn't anything too exciting. Ha It starts with me waking up and going straight into the kitchen to start breakfast. I'm always so hungry when I first wake up. Then Hunter and I will sit down and eat together, he will usually leave to go to work and then I'll get ready for the day. I can't stand having the house dirty so I'll usually make sure it is tidy before I leave! 

If you could travel anywhere: Oh boy this is a tough one. I love traveling so much but I think if I had to choose a specific area I would love to go spend a month in a small town either in Italy or France. I would want to get to know the people there and their culture, how and what they cook with, how they decorate their homes, what their traditions look like etc...It just sounds so dreamy to me! 

Whose style do you find most interesting or inspiring?: When it comes to style icons I honestly don't know a whole lot about celebrities but I love Emma Watson, Rachel Macadams, and Emma Stone. I think all three of them are such classy women! I'm all about having certain pieces and just wearing them everyday in different ways. I'm a huge fan of solids and don't wear a whole lot of crazy bright colors or patterns. I like to keep it pretty simple. 

Describe how you wear your Kat Seaton piece: I love my Kat Seaton flannel! I love to wear it with my favorite pair of Madewell jeans with a solid tee and boots or even throw it over a simple dress to keep warm. It's the perfect winter/fall piece that I will keep for years! 

The Cool Club: Tara Michelle Brose by kat giarratano


Our next cool girl is the Tara Brose. She is one busy bee. Tara is a fit model here in the city, she is one of the big dogs at our church [Hillsong NYC], and the face & brains behind her travel & fashion blogIf you have ever taken a gander at, or any of my social media pages, you will become quite familiar with this blonde beauty. I scored big when Tara & her husband Zach, owner & founder of League Design, agreed to help shoot & model for my Winter '15 collection! 

I have the honor to be able to call Tara one of my closest friends! Being around Tara is such a breath of fresh air. She is a southern girl herself, but has lived in NYC for, what T?, 6/7 years! That means she has crazy street cred. She can hold her own, all the while knowing how to use her southern hospitality oh, so perfectly. 

Lets learn more about this senorita. 

City: Brooklyn, NY

Occupation: Fit Model

Currently listening to: Gavin James' new album "Live at Whelans"... with a hint of some Bieber :)

Currently Reading: Just finished "It Starts with Food" by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig because healthy eating. (New Years resolutions, duh)

Currently Watching: Religiously watching The Bachelor every Tuesday night bc no cable problems.

Currently eating: Whole 30 things...way more protein than usual, tons of veggies, and fruit for days! Pretending to be eating a big fat chocolate brownie. (Is it Jan 31st yet?!) 

Describe your perfect day: Waking up on an island somewhere barely seen on a map next to my handsome husband. With the day full of good food + drinks + laughs + new adventures! 

Describe your morning routine: 1. Pretend to not hear my obnoxious sounding alarm clock going off for the 5th time, then finally roll out of bed. 2. Work out with Tracy Anderson (on a DVD... in real life would be the dream) 3. Shower + get ready + bible 4. Breakfast + coffee with the husband 5. Subway my way to work with the rest of NYC

If you could travel anywhere: I would choose everywhere. :) But seriously. And the next stop on the list is the Philippines! 

Whose style do you find most interesting or inspiring?: Recently I have been obsessing over my blog crush, Mary Seng of Happily Grey! Her style is minimalistic and chic, but not too over the top. She is amazing at mixing casual + classy, while still pulling off fun and trendy. She is #goals.


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Sunday 1/24- Sunday 1/31

The Cool Club: Emma Sousa by kat giarratano

H A P P Y  H O L I D A Y S ,  L O V I E S. . . 

It's been a hot minute since I have been able to share with you other cool babes in our world today. I'm so pumped to share with you our first cool chick of the winter season featuring my favorite piece from the winter '15 collection.

I'm proud to present to you Emma Sousa. She is the type of girl that rolls out of the bed in the mornings already looking flawless. She makes bed head & moring breath look good. Emma can be found being photog'd at NYFW, around town styling shoots, or being in front of the camera for her own blog. She is a social media guru, a style icon in the making, & the blog god behind her A Vintage Vice blog.  One glance at any of her styled shoots and you will find yourself going through your closet and either trying to make sad efforts to copy her outfits or crying that you will need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. 

Emma is showing off the Eden Top, my personal favorite & first style designed for the collection! Now lets get to know Miss Sousa a little better....

City: NYC

Occupation: Stylist & Blogger

Currently listening to: Ex's & Oh's by Elle King

Currently watching/reading: Either Sex & The City, Friends, or Chopped (I'm addicted to all 3)

Currently eating: crispy m&m’s

Describe your perfect day: definitely includes the beach, a frozen margarita (fresh limes please!) & dancing of course

Describe your morning routine: oh lord. wash face, brush teeth, deo, makeup, clothes, coffee. i'm not a morning person lol

If you could travel anywhere:  gah thats a toughie. i've been wanting to go to greece for a while, but due to instability there let's just say Mallorca, Spain. (Ibiza's sister island)

Whose style do you find most interesting or inspiring? I've really been digging Margaret Zhang's style lately. She is very innovative with styling & such a smart business woman at such a young age.


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Thursday 12/24- Thursday 12/31

Photos by Becky Siegel

The Cool Club: Lauren Cunningham by kat giarratano

This week's cool girl is Lauren Cunningham. "LC" is the brains behind the Red Lips + Tortilla Chips blog; along with her 1 million other hats she wears on a daily basis. If taking a gander at her blog doesn't make you feel insecure about the lack of creativity & effort your own blog/website holds (GUILTY), then one glance at her Instagram will trick you into leaving your dull life behind & move to the rainy city, Seattle, to spend your life savings at trendy coffee shops, mom + pop restaurants, & local boutiques. - holy run on sentence. 

Lauren is sporting the Frilly Muscle Tank. This is the first item I created for the summer collection- easy, cool, & COMFY! Let's get to know LC a little more.... 

City: Seattle, WA

Occupation:  Design Project Manager by day, Freelance creative by night

Currently listening to:  Champagne Champagne on repeat

Currently reading/watching:  I am obsessed with quarterly magazines. Some of my current favorites are Life & Thyme, Touvé and Darling. I also just finished season 1 of True Detective and loved every second of it. 

Currently eating:  Probably too many tot-chos.

Describe your perfect day:  Adventuring into a new part of Seattle to see what kinds of people and places I’ll come across along the way; I love getting to know this amazing city. Also, there would definitely be a happy hour involved.

Describe your morning routine:  An early workout to start the day, followed by a pot of coffee and something with blueberries on it. Mornings are my favorite time.

If you could travel anywhere:  I am aching to go to Japan. Many of my friends have been, and it just sounds like the coolest place.

Who inspires your personal style:  Alexa Chung is everything to me. I try to channel her on a daily basis.

Describe how you wear your Kat Seaton piece:  I paired the top with a pair of high waisted jeans and a statement necklace from Seattle jewelry designer, Moorea Seal. I am all about the 70’s vibes of this summer, so I finished the look with (my favorite) nude, platform lace-up sandals from Nasty Gal.


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The Cool Club: Kate Zimmerman by kat giarratano

Our next cool girl is THE Kate Zimmerman. I was lucky enough to have met Kate one summer at a Younglife camp. As soon as you meet Kate, you begin to plot every way in your head to become her BFF. Kate is an incredible photographer, world traveler, & [hands down] one of the funniest people I have ever met.  I couldn't be more pumped on how cool & easy Kate showed off her Benji top. Make sure to visit Kate's website & instagram to view her life through her lens.  Lets check her out a little more...

City: Austin, TX

Occupation:  Lifestyle and travel photographer

Currently listening to: Leon Bridges.. on repeat

Currently reading: A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken.. for the 2nd time. (it’s so dense, a lot of it went over my head the first time!)

Currently eating: Thai noodles or spring rolls and sea salt chocolate 

Describe your perfect day: Staying in my robe until 11am on a fall morning, coffee in hand, dog at my feet, on a spacious porch in the hill country followed by an afternoon hike and then ending with a bottle of wine and some kitchen time with people i love.  :) 

Describe your morning routine: French press coffee, always. Make the dog his homemade food (we are insane). Sit down, be still, talk to God. Cook fried egg with avocado toast. Work out later.. or not. 

If you could travel anywhere: Mmm.. so many on my list but I think my next stop would be Galapagos Islands. I love seals.

Who inspires your personal style: I follow this Australian blogger named Sara Donaldson on InstagramI just love how she is always simple, clean, and practical. She wears a lot of neutrals and I wear a lot of neutrals so we would probably be good friends. 

Describe how you wear your Kat Seaton piece: The shirt is so quality, I didn’t have to do much besides pair with some airy boyfriend jeans and no shoes.. its summer! (jk, i would put on some flip flops for leaving the house and throw on my Panama hat) 


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The Cool Club: Britt Koth by kat giarratano

This is our 1st post featuring women who are freaking cool therefore they should be in some sort of a club: The Cool Club. We want to show off great women who are doing great things in their community, careers, and lives that also have an awesome personal style. 

Our first cool girl is Britt Koth. It is an honor to collaborate with such a down to earth and, not to mention, beautiful chick. One glance at her Instagram account and anyone could see that everything this girl wears looks absolutely effortless. This is exactly how I would describe The Kaitain Dress on her.  Let's get to know her a little bit more...

City: Los Angeles 

Occupation: Model

Currently listening to: Broods

Currently reading: The Name of the Wind by Patric Rothfuss. Or anything fantasy/fictioin/scifi

Currently eating: I'm constantly torn between kale salad & Sees Candies (the butterscotch chews)

Describe your perfect day: When I'm with my family & my pup, just laughing the day away and preferably outside, in the sun, near a body of water.

Describe your morning routine: ....but first, coffee. Hopefully, my Stumptown Coffee or my Nespresso. Then my work day varies so much. Either I go to a shoot, or get ready for castings, & if I'm free for the day, I go to hot yoga or hike my pup before I get too lazy!

If you could travel anywhere: Thailand!!!!!!!!!!!! Elephant sanctuary!!!

Describe how you wear your Kat Seaton piece: I felt like it was so cute just the way it was! It didn't need a lot of "styling" to feel stylish. So, I just paired it with some Matiko Botties & my favorite Catbird rings & was on my way!


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