The Cool Club: Emma Sousa / by kat giarratano

H A P P Y  H O L I D A Y S ,  L O V I E S. . . 

It's been a hot minute since I have been able to share with you other cool babes in our world today. I'm so pumped to share with you our first cool chick of the winter season featuring my favorite piece from the winter '15 collection.

I'm proud to present to you Emma Sousa. She is the type of girl that rolls out of the bed in the mornings already looking flawless. She makes bed head & moring breath look good. Emma can be found being photog'd at NYFW, around town styling shoots, or being in front of the camera for her own blog. She is a social media guru, a style icon in the making, & the blog god behind her A Vintage Vice blog.  One glance at any of her styled shoots and you will find yourself going through your closet and either trying to make sad efforts to copy her outfits or crying that you will need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. 

Emma is showing off the Eden Top, my personal favorite & first style designed for the collection! Now lets get to know Miss Sousa a little better....

City: NYC

Occupation: Stylist & Blogger

Currently listening to: Ex's & Oh's by Elle King

Currently watching/reading: Either Sex & The City, Friends, or Chopped (I'm addicted to all 3)

Currently eating: crispy m&m’s

Describe your perfect day: definitely includes the beach, a frozen margarita (fresh limes please!) & dancing of course

Describe your morning routine: oh lord. wash face, brush teeth, deo, makeup, clothes, coffee. i'm not a morning person lol

If you could travel anywhere:  gah thats a toughie. i've been wanting to go to greece for a while, but due to instability there let's just say Mallorca, Spain. (Ibiza's sister island)

Whose style do you find most interesting or inspiring? I've really been digging Margaret Zhang's style lately. She is very innovative with styling & such a smart business woman at such a young age.


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Thursday 12/24- Thursday 12/31

Photos by Becky Siegel