The Cool Club: Britt Koth / by kat giarratano

This is our 1st post featuring women who are freaking cool therefore they should be in some sort of a club: The Cool Club. We want to show off great women who are doing great things in their community, careers, and lives that also have an awesome personal style. 

Our first cool girl is Britt Koth. It is an honor to collaborate with such a down to earth and, not to mention, beautiful chick. One glance at her Instagram account and anyone could see that everything this girl wears looks absolutely effortless. This is exactly how I would describe The Kaitain Dress on her.  Let's get to know her a little bit more...

City: Los Angeles 

Occupation: Model

Currently listening to: Broods

Currently reading: The Name of the Wind by Patric Rothfuss. Or anything fantasy/fictioin/scifi

Currently eating: I'm constantly torn between kale salad & Sees Candies (the butterscotch chews)

Describe your perfect day: When I'm with my family & my pup, just laughing the day away and preferably outside, in the sun, near a body of water.

Describe your morning routine: ....but first, coffee. Hopefully, my Stumptown Coffee or my Nespresso. Then my work day varies so much. Either I go to a shoot, or get ready for castings, & if I'm free for the day, I go to hot yoga or hike my pup before I get too lazy!

If you could travel anywhere: Thailand!!!!!!!!!!!! Elephant sanctuary!!!

Describe how you wear your Kat Seaton piece: I felt like it was so cute just the way it was! It didn't need a lot of "styling" to feel stylish. So, I just paired it with some Matiko Botties & my favorite Catbird rings & was on my way!


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