The Cool Club: Kate Zimmerman / by kat giarratano

Our next cool girl is THE Kate Zimmerman. I was lucky enough to have met Kate one summer at a Younglife camp. As soon as you meet Kate, you begin to plot every way in your head to become her BFF. Kate is an incredible photographer, world traveler, & [hands down] one of the funniest people I have ever met.  I couldn't be more pumped on how cool & easy Kate showed off her Benji top. Make sure to visit Kate's website & instagram to view her life through her lens.  Lets check her out a little more...

City: Austin, TX

Occupation:  Lifestyle and travel photographer

Currently listening to: Leon Bridges.. on repeat

Currently reading: A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken.. for the 2nd time. (it’s so dense, a lot of it went over my head the first time!)

Currently eating: Thai noodles or spring rolls and sea salt chocolate 

Describe your perfect day: Staying in my robe until 11am on a fall morning, coffee in hand, dog at my feet, on a spacious porch in the hill country followed by an afternoon hike and then ending with a bottle of wine and some kitchen time with people i love.  :) 

Describe your morning routine: French press coffee, always. Make the dog his homemade food (we are insane). Sit down, be still, talk to God. Cook fried egg with avocado toast. Work out later.. or not. 

If you could travel anywhere: Mmm.. so many on my list but I think my next stop would be Galapagos Islands. I love seals.

Who inspires your personal style: I follow this Australian blogger named Sara Donaldson on InstagramI just love how she is always simple, clean, and practical. She wears a lot of neutrals and I wear a lot of neutrals so we would probably be good friends. 

Describe how you wear your Kat Seaton piece: The shirt is so quality, I didn’t have to do much besides pair with some airy boyfriend jeans and no shoes.. its summer! (jk, i would put on some flip flops for leaving the house and throw on my Panama hat) 


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