The Cool Club: Lauren Cunningham / by kat giarratano

This week's cool girl is Lauren Cunningham. "LC" is the brains behind the Red Lips + Tortilla Chips blog; along with her 1 million other hats she wears on a daily basis. If taking a gander at her blog doesn't make you feel insecure about the lack of creativity & effort your own blog/website holds (GUILTY), then one glance at her Instagram will trick you into leaving your dull life behind & move to the rainy city, Seattle, to spend your life savings at trendy coffee shops, mom + pop restaurants, & local boutiques. - holy run on sentence. 

Lauren is sporting the Frilly Muscle Tank. This is the first item I created for the summer collection- easy, cool, & COMFY! Let's get to know LC a little more.... 

City: Seattle, WA

Occupation:  Design Project Manager by day, Freelance creative by night

Currently listening to:  Champagne Champagne on repeat

Currently reading/watching:  I am obsessed with quarterly magazines. Some of my current favorites are Life & Thyme, Touvé and Darling. I also just finished season 1 of True Detective and loved every second of it. 

Currently eating:  Probably too many tot-chos.

Describe your perfect day:  Adventuring into a new part of Seattle to see what kinds of people and places I’ll come across along the way; I love getting to know this amazing city. Also, there would definitely be a happy hour involved.

Describe your morning routine:  An early workout to start the day, followed by a pot of coffee and something with blueberries on it. Mornings are my favorite time.

If you could travel anywhere:  I am aching to go to Japan. Many of my friends have been, and it just sounds like the coolest place.

Who inspires your personal style:  Alexa Chung is everything to me. I try to channel her on a daily basis.

Describe how you wear your Kat Seaton piece:  I paired the top with a pair of high waisted jeans and a statement necklace from Seattle jewelry designer, Moorea Seal. I am all about the 70’s vibes of this summer, so I finished the look with (my favorite) nude, platform lace-up sandals from Nasty Gal.


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