The Cool Club: Tara Michelle Brose / by kat giarratano


Our next cool girl is the Tara Brose. She is one busy bee. Tara is a fit model here in the city, she is one of the big dogs at our church [Hillsong NYC], and the face & brains behind her travel & fashion blogIf you have ever taken a gander at, or any of my social media pages, you will become quite familiar with this blonde beauty. I scored big when Tara & her husband Zach, owner & founder of League Design, agreed to help shoot & model for my Winter '15 collection! 

I have the honor to be able to call Tara one of my closest friends! Being around Tara is such a breath of fresh air. She is a southern girl herself, but has lived in NYC for, what T?, 6/7 years! That means she has crazy street cred. She can hold her own, all the while knowing how to use her southern hospitality oh, so perfectly. 

Lets learn more about this senorita. 

City: Brooklyn, NY

Occupation: Fit Model

Currently listening to: Gavin James' new album "Live at Whelans"... with a hint of some Bieber :)

Currently Reading: Just finished "It Starts with Food" by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig because healthy eating. (New Years resolutions, duh)

Currently Watching: Religiously watching The Bachelor every Tuesday night bc no cable problems.

Currently eating: Whole 30 things...way more protein than usual, tons of veggies, and fruit for days! Pretending to be eating a big fat chocolate brownie. (Is it Jan 31st yet?!) 

Describe your perfect day: Waking up on an island somewhere barely seen on a map next to my handsome husband. With the day full of good food + drinks + laughs + new adventures! 

Describe your morning routine: 1. Pretend to not hear my obnoxious sounding alarm clock going off for the 5th time, then finally roll out of bed. 2. Work out with Tracy Anderson (on a DVD... in real life would be the dream) 3. Shower + get ready + bible 4. Breakfast + coffee with the husband 5. Subway my way to work with the rest of NYC

If you could travel anywhere: I would choose everywhere. :) But seriously. And the next stop on the list is the Philippines! 

Whose style do you find most interesting or inspiring?: Recently I have been obsessing over my blog crush, Mary Seng of Happily Grey! Her style is minimalistic and chic, but not too over the top. She is amazing at mixing casual + classy, while still pulling off fun and trendy. She is #goals.


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