The Cool Club: Sarah Lawrence / by kat giarratano

photos by Abigail Green

This is Sarah. The coolest cool girl in the midwest. Sarah Lawrence is the mastermind behind the blog, Sarah, Say Something. In my opinion, Sarah is living the dream. She shares with her audience, on a weekly basis, all about the places & things that she loves, all while living in beautiful Colorado. I must caution you before you take a peak at her blog or Instagram, because you just might end up packing up your bags, hitch hiking to Denver, & knocking on Sarah's door to bunk up with her, her husband, & adorable (Insta-famous) dog, Aspen.

I have had a blast getting to know Sarah through the past few weeks, & have to share with you guys! Enjoy!

City: Denver, Colorado 

Occupation:Floral designer, lifestyle blogger 

Currently listening to: Well when I'm not listening to Taylor Swift :) I am listening to Penny and Sparrow, Gregory Allan Isakov, and The Lone Bellow. 

Currently Watching: I'm not watching anything right now but everyday while I'm getting ready or cooking you can almost guarantee that I'll either have on You've Got Mail, While You Were Sleeping, Dan in Real Life, or Sleepless in Seattle. Im a sucker for feel good movies!

Currently Reading: Im currently reading The Meaning of Marriage, and Keep it Simple. The meaning of marriage is pretty self explanatory and keep it simple is a home design book. I am loving them both! 

Currently eating: My favorite food right now is Itilian. I can't get enough homemade pastas. Also im a huge sucker for anything sweet at any time of the day!

Describe your perfect day: My idea of a perfect day would start with me sleeping in on a fall morning, waking up to a fire in the fireplace and some coffee and a delicious breakfast (the best meal of the day in my opinion), then I would go to the spa for a few hours just to relax and read a home interior book. Once I was done with that I would go home and prepare for a dinner at our house with all of our friends and there would be no limitations as to what I could cook or how I could decorate. There would be lots of linens and florals and twinkle lights everywhere! The night would end with a warm cup of tea and a feel good movie! 

Describe your morning routine: My morning routine isn't anything too exciting. Ha It starts with me waking up and going straight into the kitchen to start breakfast. I'm always so hungry when I first wake up. Then Hunter and I will sit down and eat together, he will usually leave to go to work and then I'll get ready for the day. I can't stand having the house dirty so I'll usually make sure it is tidy before I leave! 

If you could travel anywhere: Oh boy this is a tough one. I love traveling so much but I think if I had to choose a specific area I would love to go spend a month in a small town either in Italy or France. I would want to get to know the people there and their culture, how and what they cook with, how they decorate their homes, what their traditions look like etc...It just sounds so dreamy to me! 

Whose style do you find most interesting or inspiring?: When it comes to style icons I honestly don't know a whole lot about celebrities but I love Emma Watson, Rachel Macadams, and Emma Stone. I think all three of them are such classy women! I'm all about having certain pieces and just wearing them everyday in different ways. I'm a huge fan of solids and don't wear a whole lot of crazy bright colors or patterns. I like to keep it pretty simple. 

Describe how you wear your Kat Seaton piece: I love my Kat Seaton flannel! I love to wear it with my favorite pair of Madewell jeans with a solid tee and boots or even throw it over a simple dress to keep warm. It's the perfect winter/fall piece that I will keep for years!